Corporate Overview

HanAll BioPharma Co., Ltd. is a leading Korean pharmaceutical company focused on drug delivery,
biotherapeut ics, and new small molecule discovery.

HanAll was established in 1973 by Byungtae Kim, current Chairman. Since 2004, Sungwuk Kim, current CEO, has led the company and has provided leadership towards the development of HanAll as a global research and development pharmaceutical company.

The mission of HanAll is to contribute to the betterment of global society by providing innovative drug research and development, medical information and advanced products.

With over 100 million USD of annual turnover in 2010, HanAll has built a strong regional presence in
anti-infecti ves and amino acid IV fluids areas through hospital distribution.

The Head Office
The Head Office 39
Sales & Marketing 240 in sales
20 in marketing
Production 97
Research and Development 70 Seoul Research & Development Center
Biotechnology Research Institute
Central Research Institute
United States
(Rockville, MD)
5 (Business Development/Clinical Development)
Total 471


HanAll strives to be the world’s premier research-based biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, developing innovative medicines and contributing to global health.

& Mission

To develop innovative research technologies and the highest quality medicines

To provide access to effective, safe, and affordable medicines to patients


1) Build up R&D programs together with strategic partners to meet patients’ needs

2) Establish an innovative R&D structure that encourages creativity

3) Provide a bridge between academic research and commercial development of innovative therapies

4) Commit to uphold high standards of ethical conduct while maintaining a high level of performance