HL036 (TNF-alpha receptor fragment for dry eye diseases)

HanAll is developing, HL036, TNF-alpha receptor fragment for the treatment of local inflammatory diseases caused by TNF-alpha such as uveitis, dry eyes, and AMD. This is actually a fragment of Enbrel®. Current systemic anti-TNF drugs’ limitations include small volume of distribution and adverse drug events due to high dosage. Therefore, by utilizing fragment, HanAll’s TNF receptor fragment will have greater volume of distribution compared to current marketed anti-TNF-alpha products having larger molecular size. Furthermore, via protein engineering, our product will have greater affinity to allow smaller doses and increase the efficacy. It is anticipated higher concentrations of HL036 will be found in eyes when administered topically, preventing systemic ADEs. HanAll aims to utilize this unique property of HL036 for the indications of uveitis, dry eyes, and AMD by developing ophthalmic solution. Currently, this project is partly supported by the Korean government and at GLP Toxicity stage.